Wednesday, 10 February 2010 Lost

Missing: one Bonehill shaped mojo previously utilised for writing dark tales of grim deeds and despair. Last seen in a rather worryingly forlorn state knocking its head against a desk in the hope that the ensuing blood patterns would form words.

Believed to be somewhere in the vicinity of a blank page.

If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please drop me a line as I’m now getting very concerned about its well-being.

Come home soon, mojo… please.

Thanks for looking.


Rebecca Nazar said...

You're back! The worse for wear it seems, but . . . missed you.

Here's a writing exercise to jumpstart your muse. Mixing metaphors. Fear not, mate , writing is like riding a bike. If thrown, just get right back on again.

Please write another post about Manilow so I can rib you again, huh? ; ) Any forum for me to be a wiseass.

Aaron Polson said...

Missed you, too. Here's a spark: more than 10 million prescription meds are filled incorrectly each year.


Now write a story about it.

Michael Stone said...

You're back, and a good thing it is to see you too. Sorry the mojo's deserted you, but it's temporary. Trust me, mine's always going off without a by-your-leave. It always comes back.

Meantime, try this as a prompt. Give Mrs Bonehill a piece of paper and ask her to write a fictitious name at the top. A good name. An evocative one. Then ask her to fold it over so the name is hidden and pass it to the boy Bonehill for him to add a fear or phobia. Depending on the number of Bonehills (you could make some more seeing as you're not busy writing), you also need
an ambition, a special skill (think vocation or favourite school subject), a setting and the time (of day, week, season, year...). If there aren't enough Bonehills and you can't be bothered to make more, you can ask visitors to your blog to supply the attributes, although it does work better when people supply them without knowing the others. You get a better mix.

Then go away and see what you can come up with. This really does work! Sometimes. :)

L.R. Bonehill said...

Thanks for all the great kick-starts, guys. I’m sure (fingers crossed) I’ll write myself out of this fug sooner or later.

I told myself (for some bizarre reason) I wouldn’t blog until I’d written a decent story this year, but it’s good to be back anyway.

By the way, Becca, just pop along to my other blog – He Writes the Songs…

BT said...

Welcome back - and you'll need to take a tray and get on the back of the no muse line behind the majority of us.

Apart from the usual suspects (Cate, Nat, KC, KV and possibly Aaron), lots of people have had very slow starts to 2010. I'm predicting a huge finish.

If nothing comes along, I'd take up the suggestion of making more Bonehills - or at least practising. You may as well enjoy the downtime until the muse comes home...