Friday, 18 December 2009 Zombie Hotel

A while back I mentioned that one of my delightful children had won a Scary Monster Story competition and, as it’s Christmas, I thought I’d post the story here. It’s also taken months of complex negotiations to broker a deal too, so that’s another reason for it being posted now.

I remember the look of sheer, unadulterated joy on his face when he found out he’d won and I hope the memory of that joy and achievement is something that stays with him forever. I hope he carries on writing too.

By the way, if you’re reading this young Master Bonehill, it doesn’t matter what you say or how well you promise to behave next year, Santa will most definitely not be bringing you Modern Warfare 2 this year.

So, without further preamble, Boneyard Tales proudly presents:

Zombie Hotel

by D. M. Bonehill

One gloomy night in Spooksville, the Martin family went for a walk. The kids ran ahead of their parents.

Suddenly a big green slimy monster appeared from the bushes. It had three eyes filled with deadly zombie powder. The monster threw an eye and it exploded on the parents. The kids were terrified.

They ran to a nearby hotel. They entered and rang the bell on the desk for help… but they didn’t know the hotel was run by zombie monsters. The zombie monster answered, 'Hello, little children... bye bye, little children!' The zombie monster jumped over the desk to attack the kids.

By a tenth of a second the kids escaped and ran to the lift. The lift had floors 1-25. They pressed 25.

While they were going up, they wondered what had happened to their parents. The lift doors opened slowly.

The kids screamed as they were dragged out of the lift by rotten smelly dirty zombies.

The kids realised that they were their parents. The kids became zombie monsters too and they all lived as a zombie family in the hotel.


Michael Stone said...

Terrific story, Master Bonehill. I'll be dreaming of exploding eyes and dirty rotten smelly zombies for several nights now, thanks to you!

Aaron Polson said...




Rotten smelly dirty zombies...oh yes.


L.R. Bonehill said...

Mike – He’ll be chuffed to bits with that. I’m still not exactly sure what zombie powder is, but those exploding eyes are full of it.

Aaron – The smellier, the dirtier, the rottener, the better.

Cate Gardner said...

Three eyes filled with zombie powder... Shudder. That's one gruesome tale. :D

Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh D. M, that was brilliant. You're a chip off the old gravestone, aren't you? A bone doesn't fall from the skeleton, does it?

Okay, enough of that. Good for you. I love zombie tales too. : )

L.R. Bonehill said...

Cate – Start the gruesomeness young is what I always say.

Becca – ‘Chip off the old gravestone’ – I like it. I’ll probably need to explain it to young D.M., but I like it.