Thursday, 28 October 2010 What? Really? Me? No way!

Thanks to the divine Mercedes Yardley for pointing me in the direction of a small, home-made fanzine called The New Yorker this morning.

If you want to see why, check it out here.

You can even get a sneak-peek at my contribution to the fantastic Hint Fiction anthology. Well, not quite a sneak-peek more like the whole glorious deal.

Before you head over there, I’ll tell you that my story is entitled Cull, just so you know you’re in for some happy reading.

Is this real? Is it time to wake up yet?

Thursday, 7 October 2010 Hammered

Films, as much as stories and books, made me want to write way back when I was young. Some of those early inspirations were the classic Universal monster flicks, the Amicus portmanteau films and, of course, the seemingly endless supply of Hammer productions.

The good news is that Hammer is back with a remake of the Swedish original Let the Right One In, and a number of other works in progress.

All well and good and I hope it works out.

What I found really interesting though, was that they’re venturing into the publishing world too. Arrow Books are gearing up a Hammer imprint and the first title will be a novella by renowned literary author Jeanette Winterson. More details here.

It may well be too early to say things are looking up for our much maligned genre, but I’m certainly looking forward to this and hope they can deliver.

Baited breath, and all that.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 Flashing Freebies

I’ve been remiss with this little blog for a while now for a multitude of reasons far too dull to mention, but I really should point you in the direction of this.

Now, go bag yourself some flashy goodies.