Monday, 26 January 2009 Flash News

Some good news from the folks over at Flash Scribe - they have accepted my 100 word drabble ‘Bliss’. It should appear sometime in February or March. More on that as and when.

Also, Nathan Rosen at Micro Horror has accepted ‘So Fast’. Apt really as it was the quickest turnaround of any submission so far; sent and accepted on the same day no less. Cheers Nathan. Read it here.

Rejections aplenty too of course, including ‘thanks, but no thanks’ from Dunesteef, Absent Willow Review, and Arkham Tales. Dunesteef hung on to my story for three months, so it was a close call by all accounts... but not close enough obviously. Who knows, maybe next time.

Monday, 5 January 2009 Welcome to the Boneyard

Come on in, friend; don’t be shy. All are welcome here at the boneyard. The gates are unlocked and will open with just a gentle touch. They may creak and groan in protest, the rust may stain your hand and look like blood in the night, but do come in. Watch your step as the frost upon the ground snaps and crunches underfoot. The shadows between the stones are long, so let the bright skull of the moon be your guide as you edge between long-since neglected tombs and crypts.

Don’t stop; it’s only the wind that whispers in the trees, or long branches that scrabble against granite and marble, that’s all you hear. Dark shadows and darker whispers always gather in these cold, lonely places.

Come closer and I’ll tell you a story, maybe tell you a secret or two as time passes by. Be my friend and I’ll tell even more.

Stay awhile and trust me, help me. Please.