Friday, 26 June 2009 Chip off the Old Chopping Block

One of our local museums recently ran a Myths and Monsters exhibition covering things like dragons, sea-beasts, legendary creatures and all sorts of other monstrous fare. They even had huge animatronic models. Good, cool stuff, especially for kids. And my kids loved it, they really did.

The museum was also running a My Scary Monster Story competition which I encouraged them to enter. One of them did and wrote a short story about zombie parents. Not sure what he was trying to get at there…

I was a thorn in his side and made him rewrite and polish it a few times before sending it in. Old habits die hard, I guess.

To cut to the chase, Zombie Hotel came first in its age range and won cold, hard cash and publication in the museum newsletter. Seven years old and he’s already been paid more per word than I have!

He now carries a little notebook around with him, so he can write wherever he is. He’s also reading the Super Book of Ghost Stories and wants to watch Dawn of the Dead (think that’ll be a No). Start them young, I say.

So, after this first taste of success, does he want to be writer when he grows up? Nope – he still wants to be a wrestler.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Congrats to the newbie writer! How amazing and adorable and super and slightly creepy given the zombie parents thing, which is totally cool, I think.

If he's contractually allowed allowed to, and would like to, maybe at some point you could post it here. I'd love to read it. :-)

Aaron Polson said...

That'll make a parent proud (well, at least this parent). I'd love to read it, too, but I wouldn't want any contracts broken, either.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Rebecca – Zombie parents are always cool… I think. In terms of posting it here – I’ll have a word with his agent, but I think they’re negotiating film rights.

Aaron – Oh yes, proud indeed.

Rebecca Nazar said...

If it does make it to the big screen, could you put a good word in; I'd love to be an extra? ;-)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Fantastic. And good to see you've spawned a super cool zombie-loving dude.

Michael Stone said...

I'm very impressed! That's going to look great on his resume.

Horror Girl said...

that's very awesome.

hmm. zombie movies good for seven year olds... racks brain.... finds nothing... googles it... still nothing.

oh god! i should write a zombie novel for children! of course i guess it would be a book not a novel. i've found my calling!

Benjamin Solah said...

Cutest story of the year. I've got my sister writing too, but she won't touch horror.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Rebecca – Don’t worry; I already have you pencilled in for a starring role.

Cate – I think ‘spawned’ is about right; there are times he truly is a thing of evil.

Michael – If only he’d give up the wrestling pipe dream for a much more attainable dream of being a blockbuster author.

Samantha – Think you could be on to something there. Zombies are everywhere else right now, so why not?

Benjamin – At least she’s writing; that’s a good start.