Wednesday, 22 December 2010 Boneyard Tales Presents

It’s Christmas special time at the Boneyard, so here’s a tale to keep you cold and shivering with fear, presented in all its unedited and unexpurgated glory. Prepare yourself for…

Visitors from the Grave

by E.V. Bonehill (Aged 9 and a bit)

A long time ago in a city in America there was an evil scientist who wanted the dead to come back alive. And that is exactly what happened because he made a potion that was finished in a decade and it had the most bizarre ingredients ever. A couple of weeks after it was finished he went to the local graveyard and poured the potion on the dirt and gory zombies, vampires and ghosts with knives came out of the dirt and ate the flesh of the evil scientist and he was DEAD!!!

The zombies, vampires and the ghosts haunted the whole block by the end of the night. One of the ghosts, while a man was on the toilet, went through the sewer to the man’s toilet, got his knife out to the back of his head and killed him.

At another guy’s house, while he was having a shower, a zombie crept into the house and the man saw him and screamed but it did not save him because the zombie bit him and he died. The guy who lived there had a wife and the guy (who was now a zombie) went to the living room and while he was coming his wife moaned. “Hurry up in the shower!” He got to the living room and his wife screamed, "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Straight after the scream she was gutted because her life was OVER!!!

While all that was happening, 50% of the vampires were going to invade a hotel. It took them hours to get there but on the way they all drained the blood of at least 100 living bodies. When they got to the hotel, they went to the receptionist and they all clambered on to him and all of his blood was drained!!!!

They went to every room in the building. In the hotel each vampire bit approximately 10000 people. When they finished the hotel they went to a local shop. To get to the shop it took them about 5 minutes. The shop was very little and it didn’t have that much people inside because it was about to close. They bit every single person in the shop and for the people there it was a nightmarish bloodbath. They finished in the shop and they went back to the graveyard.

When every one of the masters of horror got back to the graveyard the whole gang of terror planned on invading the Empire State building but that would have to wait as they were all very tired after enjoying the vile night of BLOOD and GORE!!!


Really don't know where he gets it from...

Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2011.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 Dark Threads

The latest 52 Stitches anthology is out now and just look at that extraordinarily creepy cover. The collection features my story Lock and Key and a whole host of other flash weirdness.

It’s good stuff and I can vouch for at least 90% of the stories. The questionable 10% is mine by the way, but don’t tell anybody.

All proceeds go to the Jamie Eyberg memorial fund. Fellow Stitches author Jamie, along with his wife, tragically passed away earlier this year leaving two young children and the fund has been set up for their benefit.

Buy the anthology from Amazon and check out a very special offer from the wonderful Cate Gardner here.

Dig deep, buy two (it’s Christmas after all) and spread the word.