Thursday, 28 October 2010 What? Really? Me? No way!

Thanks to the divine Mercedes Yardley for pointing me in the direction of a small, home-made fanzine called The New Yorker this morning.

If you want to see why, check it out here.

You can even get a sneak-peek at my contribution to the fantastic Hint Fiction anthology. Well, not quite a sneak-peek more like the whole glorious deal.

Before you head over there, I’ll tell you that my story is entitled Cull, just so you know you’re in for some happy reading.

Is this real? Is it time to wake up yet?


Rebecca Nazar said...

Soooooooo Thrilliing! : )

Barry Napier said...

That's amazing. Congrats!

Aaron Polson said...

I'll admit, you're piece gave me chills. Well done.

And WOW.

Anonymous said...

Your piece is absolutely amazing. Very chilling. And I literally started jumping up and down for you when I saw your name and ENTIRE PIECE! The frickin' New Yorker!!!!


L.R. Bonehill said...

Becca – I was thrilled into a state of shock... still am.

Barry – Cheers!

Aaron – I was hoping for chills, glad it delivered.

Mercedes – Thanks again for steering me toward the review. Trust me; I did my share of jumping too.

Cate Gardner said...

Have you come down from the ceiling yet? :D Major congrats.