Tuesday, 8 June 2010 Answers? Who Needs Answers?

Two weeks after the rest of the modern world, I finally managed to catch up with the Lost finale over the weekend.

I’ve suffered self-imposed exile, a near-total media blackout and manfully resisted all temptations to have a sneak peek at Lost news. I’ve used the net at work only when necessary and with one eye half closed for fear of stumbling across unwanted revelations. I even had a sign on my office door promising to bestow vast unpleasantness upon anyone who divulged anything, anything at all.

So, the big question is: was it all worth it?

The answer is a clear cut yes… and no.

I thought parts of it were absolutely fantastic and others were a little disappointing.

It’s not the lack of answers that bothered me – after all, mysteries are enticing because they’re… well… mysterious. Take that away and what are you left with?

It was the saturation of sentimentality that nagged at me a little. I’m all for tugging at the heart-strings and shedding a tear or two, but it was all too much, and each new tender ‘awakening’ just seemed to distract from the emotional core rather than enhance it.

Still, minor quibbles aside, it was more or less a fitting end and I have no complaints about Lost as a whole.

It’s given me six years of inventive and ever intriguing television – a great story, brilliantly told. Can’t ask for much more than that.

And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t kill to write something that could make people react like the bunch of bawlers below?


Michael Stone said...

Never seen a single episode of LOST, so I can't really comment. Other than to say thank God those viewers in the video don't live next door to me!

Barry Napier said...

I was kinda pleased with it. My only gripe was that the "reveal" at the end was a little weak compared to other reveals and cliffhangers we had lived through for the past 6 seasons. Just my twin coppers.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Mike – A little OTT aren’t they?

Barry – Agreed; it was a little weak and did we really need the whole season to tell that story?

My favourite all time scene: ‘We have to go back, Kate.’ Stunning.