Friday, 30 April 2010 Tell Them L.R. Sent You

Just a couple of quick recommendations this week. Check out Write Good or Die – a free download available here.

It’s a collection of articles edited by Scott Nicholson with contributors including J.A. Konrath, Alexandra Sokoloff, Jonathan Maberry, Douglas Clegg and more. In other words, people who know what they’re talking about.

It’s good stuff.

Also, if you’re a Stephen King fan, head over to the Castle Rock Podcast for a discussion on Carrie - the first in a chronological series looking over his back catalogue.

I first read Pet Sematary when I was 12 years old (probably too young, I guess) and was hooked for years after, so I’m looking forward to a little misty-eyed nostalgia in the weeks to come.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I love expert advice. Dead pets not so much. Maybe if I got expert advice on dealing with a dead pet I'd change my mind.

Aaron Polson said...

Write Good or Die is awesome. Good on you for spreading the word. King gets me all misty with nostalgia, too...

L.R. Bonehill said...

Becca – My dog is just two years old, but the kids (little charmers that they are) have already asked what we can get once her doggy years are up.

Aaron – A lot of recent King escapes me, but the early stuff is great.