Friday, 3 July 2009 How (Not) to Deal with Pesky Kids

I recently caught ‘The Ring’ on TV and was reminded how good it is. Most Hollywood versions of j-horror tend to be pretty lame compared to their original counterparts, but this one really got under my skin the first time I saw it. Second time around, it did exactly the same. There’s a great sense of creeping dread throughout the whole film. Very dark, very disturbing.

Of course, the original is great too, but it’s been a long while since I saw that and I wanted to do a quick compare and contrast. Especially of that scene – you know the one.

Like most things these days, the whole film is on You Tube for your viewing pleasure (albeit in 10 minute chunks) but I also came across this. Dark, disturbing? Or is it just plain cruel?

Gave me a chuckle anyway. Those poor kids.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Um, place me in the cruel camp. Although I'll add, if I'd been present along with the moms I know, we would have screamed "oh hell no" and clobbered the prankster responsible. Messy, messy, heh, heh ;-)

Actually, I don't allow my girls, even as teenagers, to watch horror flicks.

Aaron Polson said...

God...I love Japanese culture.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Rebecca – I bet those kids didn’t sleep for weeks after that. Still, there’s nothing like having the moment you were scarred for life broadcast to the world.

Aaron – You gotta love it.

Brigitte said...

i love horror movies xD