Friday, 8 May 2009 Same Needle, Different Thread

Assuming I know how to read a publication schedule (that, in itself, is a fairly hefty assumption, believe me) my flash story Mother’s Love is due to go online at the weekend over at Fifty-Two Stitches.

It’s my second and final appearance there (if you haven’t already read In the Garden, please do and I’ll promise to be your bestest friend forever). Fifty-Two Stitches has been consistently entertaining so far and I’ll be sticking around to keep up with the rest of the stories the year has to offer. Looking forward to the book coming out too, obviously.

It’s another fairly dark tale, so I feel the need to point out that I have written light-hearted fluffy stuff too… honest. I just can’t seem to sell it for some reason. Looks like I’m doomed to be a doomsayer forevermore.

The weekend also sees my birthday roll around again (how did that happen so fast?) so it’ll be time for a boneyard birthday bash. At least if no-one likes my story, I’ll still have a reason to be cheerful.

On another note, I had my second rejection from Tweet the Meat this week. With over 120 submissions per week so far and just 7 stories to accept, is it really worth trying a third time? Or is that too defeatist?


Michael Stone said...

Look forward to reading your 52 Stitches story. Your first was a dark delight.

As for tweet the Meat stories, the problem with writing them is there's not a lot you can do with them if and when they're rejected. Are you having fun spinning them out, that's the question?

Rebecca Nazar said...

Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to reading your stitch. Fluffy? You write light-hearted stuff? You've been holding out on me. ;-)

Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh, by the way, have you tried Thaumatrope? They take horror tweets.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Michael - Thanks again, I really appreciate it and hope you like the new one too. The tweets are certainly fun to write and at least it means I actually finish a story which seems a rarity just recently.

Rebecca – Thanks a lot; another year older, another year wiser... well, just older I think.
Holding out on the fluffiness? I have hidden depths you know... they just happen to be very well hidden. Thanks for the heads up on Thaumatrope – you’re a star!

Catherine J Gardner said...

Excellent story over at 52 Stitches. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

L.R. Bonehill said...

Thanks a lot, Cate.