Wednesday, 1 September 2010 The Grindstone

Back to work today after a break that included a few days by the sea, an all-action theme park, a smelly zoo, too much food, not enough drink, and general messing / lazing around with the kids. Good stuff.

I’d like to say I feel refreshed and primed for action, but already it’s like I’ve never been away. Why is it always like that?

The holidays played havoc with my writing time, so I’m hoping that will pick up again once the kids are back at school tomorrow and I can really knuckle down and get something done. Here’s hoping.

It was the wallet that really bore the brunt of the summer assault though and it’s currently feeling decidedly sorry for itself and looking more than a little worse for wear.

I’m about to put a hastily made sign up in my office window to attract any passers-by: Will Write for Food.

That should help.