L.R. Bonehill is a writer from the dark heart of England. His short fiction has been published by Dark Fuse, W.W. Norton, Strange Publications, This is Horror and various other haunts. His stories have been produced in audio by Cast Macabre, Tales to Terrify, and Pseudopod.

Vent, a tale of woe from Horror without Victims, received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow's The Best Horror of the Year Volume 6.

Right now he should be writing, but probably isn't.


…conveyed with a power that lasts long after the short time it takes to read.
The New Yorker

Possibly my single favourite of the anthology is “Vent” by L.R. Bonehill.  There’s nostalgia and grief, tremendous humanity and pain, shocks both physical and psychological, and a breath-taking conclusion that I didn’t see coming. Immaculately told, “Vent” ticks all the boxes. Superb.
Matthew Fryer (The Hellforge)

...the story unfolds slowly and beautifully...a chilling and gory conclusion that I truly and honestly did not see coming.
The Future Fire

...another stand-out story... Bonehill is masterful at ratcheting up the fear factor. 
Paint this Town Red

…some memorable, truly awesome stories…some of these gems include In the Garden and Mother’s Love by L.R. Bonehill, both eerie, haunting stories…
The Book Smugglers

Among the highlights: Peter Straub, L.R. Bonehill, and Joe R. Lansdale embracing the pulp potential of the form…
Vol. 1 Brooklyn