Monday, 29 April 2013 Fused

Absolutely delighted to say that my story ‘The Beachcomber’ will feature as part of Dark Fuse's new flash fiction venture Horror D’oeuvres. For my money, Dark Fuse is one of the best genre publishers around right now and it's a real honour to be involved with them.

It marks my first pro-rate sale in a while and comes at a time when I’ve been questioning this whole writing thing, so it’s both a thrill and a real boost.

The Beachcomber came more or less fully formed in the space of a couple of hours one afternoon. Some minor edits and a little spit and polish later and it was done.

Is there a lesson here about trusting my instincts a little more? Maybe, maybe not.

More details as and when, but in the meantime, huge thanks to Shane Staley at Dark Fuse for picking this one up.