Thursday, 19 February 2009 Silence

There’s an eerie silence around the boneyard just recently. I have a few stories out in the no-man’s land of the submission process that I’m waiting to hear on, but no firm responses as yet. It can be really frustrating during the often long, long wait for a reply. Tomorrow… maybe tomorrow.

I generally try to hold on to the thought that the longer the pieces are out there, the more seriously they are being considered. Sometimes though, it’s the hope that kills and when that rejection finally comes it’s just an awful, shuddering anti-climax to it all. Then the process starts again and the waiting starts again and the hope… well, there’s always hope.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep tapping away at the keyboard; writing, editing or scouring potential markets and hope that some good news comes through the worn and rusted gates of the boneyard soon.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Yes, waiting is the hardest part. Are you aware of Sometimes I will pick a market because its response times are short. Hang in there.

L R Bonehill said...

Thanks Rebecca. Duotrope is one of my favorite sites and I could easily spend hours there every day.